phase-change tim
(PCP Series)

Key Features 

  • Good thermal conductivity in the vertical z-plane (up to 8.5 W/m-K)
  • Will soften at 50°C to fill the microscopic gaps between the 2 surfaces
  • Have tacky effect on the surface to allow for ease of installation
  • Size can be customized as required
  • RoHS compliant


PCP Series is a phase-change thermal interface material which is polymer-based resin. This material is a solid material at room temperature, but will soften when the temperature reaches 50°C. When the temperature increases beyond 50°C, the material will flow to fill up the microscopic irregularities between the compressed surfaces. This will result in a low thermal contact resistance for the heat transfer. It can also be customized into different shapes and sizes based on the requirements of the application. Comparing the traditional thermal pad with phase change thermal pad with same thermal specification, the heat transfer efficiency for the phase change material will be much better due to the better surface compliance.


Phase Change TIM

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