High-performance Thermal Management & Interface Materials Solutions

Graphite Sheet

Up to 28W/mK (Z) and 1,950W/mK (XY)

Thermal Gel

Up to 9W/mK

We provide Thermal Interface Materials with through-plane up to 75W/mK and in-plane up to 1,950W/mK that improves cooling capacity by reducing heat loss

Why Thermal Interface Materials?

With demands of higher processing speed & power in many electronic devices, more heat will be generated. Removing heat effectively & efficiently is important to maintain the performance of the electronics devices. Some areas of applications includes:

    • Semiconductor devices, e.g. CPU, GPU, MCM, etc.
    • Mobile phones/tablets
    • PCs, servers and cloud storage¬†
    • Batteries for electrical vehicles
    • LED devices¬†
    • IGBT modules
    • Optical communications equipment
    • Medical equipment