(LVM Series)

Key Features 

  • Excellent thermal conductivity in the vertical z-plane (up to 70 W/m-K)
  • Comes with the option of liquid-type or paste-type
  • Have a very good surface compliance between surfaces due to its liquid state, resulting in very low thermal resistance
  • With the LVM paste, it is easy to automate by dispensing or printing


LVM Series is a thermal interface material, which is a chemical combination of gallium-indium-tin alloy (Galinstan). It is metallic by itself and will be in liquid state even at room temperature. The material has a boiling point up to 2,000°C with very stable physical and chemical properties, making it non-volatile in air. It is a viscous thermal material with 100% metal content and has good thermal conductivity in the vertical (z-plane) direction. It is able to fill up any possible air gaps between 2 compressed surfaces, thus achieving high thermal performance. It is stable in liquid state at low temperature and will remain in its state when subjected to high temperature. Caution has to be taken that LVM series must not be used on aluminum as the Gallium in the liquid metal will have a bad reaction with the aluminum oxide.


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