Silicone Thermal Pad

STP-400 series is a very cost-effective thermal interface material, which is soft, flexible and has its self-microtack properties. The material is made of silicone resin with proprietary interface conductive filler. This material is highly flexible with good compression ratio to allow better compliance for unevenness to any surfaces. There are options of non-silicone material which has high dielectric strength at high temperature. The material has a natural sticky tack effect, which is easy to install and can be reused. It can also be customized into different shapes and sizes based on the requirements of the application. 


  • Excellent thermal conductivity in the vertical z-plane (3 – 8 W/mK)
  • Good flexibility & compression ratio
  • Environmentally friendly, does not contain any toxic ingredients
  • Flexible and can be easily bent and trim to customized sizes
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Heat resistant up to 200°C
    RoHS compliant

Areas of Application

  • Semiconductor device testing, e.g. CPU, GPU, MCM, etc
  • Mobile phones & PC tablets, PCs, Servers, and cloud storage
  • PDP, LED devices, IGBT Modules
  • Optical communications equipment, medical equipment


DescriptionUnitSTP-400 SpecificationsTest Method
Part Number-STP-400-
Material-SiliconeSiliconeSiliconeNon SiliconeFabricNA
Thicknessmm0.5/1.0/3.00.5/1.0/3.00.5/1.0/3.00.5/1.0/3.00.5/1.0/3.0ASTM D374
Thermal Conductivity (Z-plane)W/mK35843.5ASTM D5470
Thermal Impedance @ 1mm/20Psi℃-in2/W0.420.210.250.450.23ASTM D5470
HardnessShore 005060705590ASTM D2240
Specific Gravityg/cm³333.122.47ASTM D792
Volume ResistivityΩ·cm1.0 x 10141.0 x 10141.0 x 10111.0 x 10101.0 x 1013ASTM D257
Breakdown VoltageKV/mm≥9≥10≥8≥8.06.0ASTM D149
Operating Temperature-50~200-50~200-40~150-40~110-40~110EN344
Dielectric Constant@1MHz5.6513.5--ASTM D150
RoHS-PassPassPassPassPassIEC 62321
Flame RatingV0V-0V-0V-0V-0V-0UL 94
*For part number, XXX represents the thickness of material. For example, 0.5mm thick will be 050 & 1.0mm thick will be 100

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